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A liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine delivering 38hp, direct fuel injection and large displacement, 1642 cc, is the key to outstanding mowing performance and fuel economy. The 60 litre capacity tank provides sufficient fuel to run more than 10 hours without refueling and the fuel indicator is conveniently located for easy checking.The transmission is designed to maximise performance and long term strength with an over-dimensioned hydrostatic module, large size radiator type oil cooler, oil emerged disc and wet PTO clutch. The ergonomic TwinTouch pedal controls follow the natural motion of your foot. Individual turn brakes as standard equipment are located on the left side of the platform.

Curbs, bumps, wet and soft conditions and steep inclines are no match for the mechanical axle based 4WD drive system on this mower. A differential lock is included as standard equipment. The 4-Wheel drive can either be switched on “full-time”, “on-demand” or “off” to best match the terrain challenges.

You can choose between our 153 cm (60”) or 183 cm (72”) stamped 7–Iron II side discharge deck, the strongest and deepest in the market with a thickness of 4.5mm, and the 158 cm (62”) or 183 cm (72”) FastBack rear discharge deck designed to handle long grass and dual side trimming for increased productivity.

There is also the 183cm (72”) 7–Iron V-Flex side discharge deck specially designed for golf courses and sports turf maintenance that will allow you to deliver exceptional cut quality even on uneven terrain.

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